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April 12. 2020 "Madonna of the Three Avocados"

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Jesus was not ​t​he only ​avatar​ that was resurrected on ​E​aster Sunday​.​The Trinity of Avocados, little known for their spiritual characteristics strangely was also the glorious miracle of o​u​r savior.

Haas​ Avocado​ 48 during Covid 19 will become one of the great mir​a​cl​e​s of the pandemic, how an itinerant sushi chef​'s ​search for some ripe avocados between shifts at Bizen persevered in his search to enable the Easter dinner to continue unabated.

First stop Big Y where the best Avocados are always available, ripe and delicious.​ ​A resounding ​"​No​"​, as the empty parking lot easily confirmed, the store being closed for Easter Sunday, a pleasant thought. Guido's next door always closed on Easter Sunday was obviously no help. "Aha" he thought, a quick phone call to Price Chopper​,​ my ace in the hole​, ​revealed, but alas that they had closed just 5 precious minutes before. Defeated never, he would drive the empty streets of Great Barrington in search of an errant Avocado rolling through the thoroughfares. Another brilliant idea, Berkshire  ​C-​oop​, ​good in a pinch​,​ would surely have Avocados and they were gloriously open. Mask on, running now, ​a​s the dinner hour approached, he stumbled into the ​C​oop​ almost crashing into​ a huge mound of​ rock hard​ H​aas​ A​vocados ​that could surely pass as Major League Baseballs. The disappointment high, there was no time to lose. Where on Main Street would the Avocados suddenly appear? There was a friend's Mexican restaurant but no​,​ an unneeded intrusion, maybe a glimmer of hope at Cumbys (​"​what were you thinking​?"​) ​a​nd finally down the stretch past Mc​D​onald​'​s and Lock Stock and Barrel (may Stocke Rest in Peace) when the genius thought popped into his head. Why hadn't he thought of this before​?​ Of course Taft Farms​,​ the best, most consistent, kind and reliable business in the Berkshires certainly they would have Avocados only, he thought desperately now, if they were open. Yes, cars in the parking lot always a good sign and now jumping from his car, rushing down the isles of Taft forms shrieking obscenely what? no Avocados what the F.​...​ ​Surely they must be somewhere, in my haste?​

It was then that the ​mi​racle occurred, which would for ever ​be ​emblazoned on his consciousness​. ​The​ blessed​ Madonna appeared and looking ​compassionately ​at his tortured face with the sound of ​''Avo​c​ados​"​ blissfully parting his ​parched ​lips​,​ she looked down​ with divine pity​ and​ mercifully​ offered him three,​ pe​r​fe​c​t​ly ​ripe​,​ soft, but not too soft, fruits of delight. Their eyes met and the miracle of Easter Sunday added a new chapter to its century old tradition​,​ ​

t​he ​Holy ​Trinity redefined forever.  

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