2.11.bizen tpeace dragon. 1920x1000
Sushi and Sushi roll selection on Bizen plate made by owner Michael Marcus at Tanglewood
Bizen private Tatami rooms
Sashimi ice cave like the one on the tv show "Real Housewives of New York"
Bizen gift certificate
Sashimi deluxe and Ruinart champagne
Salmon sushi in Bizen basket made by owner Michael Marcus
Rose and red wine in Riedel glasses with o'toro sushi
Tuna, salmon and hamachi flowers in Bizen star bowl made by Michael Marcus
Chirashi deluxe
unagi / eel sushi
50 shades of cray sushi roll
Kaiseki sushi
1.bizen sushi rolls opening1920x1000
pearl harbor sushi roll
omakase, chef's coice